Supporting feline habits remedy with pheromone diffusers

Supporting feline habits remedy with pheromone diffusers

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An anxious or fearful cat coming into the veterinary clinic could be a tense time for pet house owners, veterinary professionals, and the pet itself. Due to this concern, pet mother and father could not search assist for his or her pets as usually as they need to, particularly in relation to transporting them to the clinic.1 Though that concern and nervousness could be handled with medicines akin to gabapentin, pheromone diffusers are additionally an choice that may be carried out to assist calm these anxious pets.

Throughout an interview with dvm360, Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline), offered a common overview as to how pheromone diffusers work, in addition to the problems that these merchandise may also help handle. “A feline facial pheromone fraction contained in a business preparation has been assessed in a wide range of research as one other potential stress-reducing modality. Use of this product has been evaluated within the administration of feline behaviors generally related to stress akin to urine spraying, in addition to stress-associated ailments akin to feline idiopathic cystitis. Use of the product additionally has been proven to lower indicators of stress throughout transportation or when visiting a veterinary clinic and enhance urge for food in hospitalized sufferers,” Colleran stated.

How do they work?

Pheromone diffusers work like air freshener plug-ins. Veterinary professionals or pet mother and father plug the product into an influence supply to heat up the fluids inside. Because the product heats up, small particles kind from the fluid and diffuse pheromones into the air after which choose surfaces close to the diffuser.

Colleran defined that pheromones are substances which can be secreted from sebaceous mucous or sweat glands. Like most mammals, cats talk with different felines by leaving and detecting messages from pheromones left inside the surroundings by rubbing their face on issues, urine marking, or scratching an upright floor.


“Feline-appeasing pheromones are launched by mammary sebaceous glands of the queen in the course of the nursing interval, showing 3 to 4 days after parturition and persisting till 2 to five days after the weaning of the kittens [2 to 3 months maximum]. These pheromones are most biologically energetic in the course of the socialization interval and thus are more likely to improve bond formation whereas comforting and reassuring the neonates. This sense of security is the emotion that relieves stress and soothes the cats,” Colleran stated.

What habits points can this handle?

Pheromone diffusers may also help pet mother and father calm their cats of all ages in varied situations. Colleran defined that anytime a territorial animal is faraway from its house, it will undergo from arousal and stress. Together with the stress of leaving, these merchandise can be utilized to assist ease aggression and social pressure when a household welcomes one other feline into the house. In a examine funded by Ceva Santé Animale, researchers investigated the effectivity of appeasing pheromone diffusers for managing feline aggression in properties with greater than 1 cat.2

“Aggression and social pressure amongst housemate cats are frequent and places cats susceptible to damage or relinquishment. A current examine to judge the effectiveness of a brand new pheromone product in lowering aggression between housemate cats demonstrated much less frequency and depth of 12 inter-cat interactions reflecting battle between cats. The examine concluded that the cat-appeasing pheromone is a promising remedy for the administration of aggression between housemate cats in multicat households,” Colleran stated.


Though pheromone diffusers may also help deal with nervousness and hold felines calm within the clinic, Colleran warned veterinary professionals that they aren’t an end-all remedy. If any pet mother or father is involved in testing these merchandise, Colleran provided the next recommendation: “Pheromones aren’t an alternative to offering a secure, safe, and enriched surroundings for cats. Particularly in multicat households, pheromone diffusers could be of some assist however are by no means the answer to habits issues or battle between cats. At all times talk about a plan along with your veterinarian if there are indicators of unrest or signs associated to stress-induced illness. Pheromones are by no means sufficient, [but] they’re useful.”


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